UC Berkeley sued over injuries sustained during Antifa riot

Four individuals from the Bay Area who planned to attend a Milo Yiannopoulos lecture at UC Berkeley last year have sued the school and the city for failing to protect them from left-wing rioters. From the Daily Californian:

The complaint states that plaintiffs John Jennings, Katrina Redelsheimer, Trever Hatch and Donald Fletcher attempted to attend Yiannopoulos’ speaking event, which was held on campus, when they were allegedly physically attacked by masked figures protesting the event…

“In this case we had four innocent people who were not doing anything to provoke anyone,” said Bill Becker, an attorney representing the plaintiffs with Freedom X Law. “The problem was created by the campus administration, the UC Police Department and Berkeley Police Department not doing their job to protect the public.”…

According to a crowd management policy that the lawsuit cites in the document, UCPD is responsible for removing “uninvolved parties” from situations involving riots. However, the lawsuit alleges that UCPD “abandoned” Sproul Plaza, where the disturbances took place, and delivered “feckless attempts” to break up the crowd, which left bystanders vulnerable.

“It’s deliberate because they made a conscious decision to employ tactics that were ineffective and showed weakness, thereby emboldening the demonstrators and angering them with their empty threats,” Becker said.

The lawsuit itself offers a series of figures of the four defendants suffering from injuries sustained during the riot. This image above shows Katrina Redelsheimer after she was beaten and pepper-sprayed by masked Antifa protesters. Here’s the description that accompanies the image from the lawsuit:

Plaintiffs Jennings and Redelsheimer observed a young woman shouting at one of their friends standing to their left. As they watched the altercation, suddenly, without warning or provocation, a masked protester brutally struck Plaintiff Jennings with a wooden stick. Plaintiff Redelsheimer came to her husband’s aid by pushing the masked assailant back. As the assailant withdrew into the crowd, Plaintiffs Jennings and Redelsheimer were attacked with pepper spray and approximately five or six masked protesters began striking Plaintiff Jennings with sticks, viciously hitting him multiple times, pushing him to the ground and kicking him, causing multiple severe injuries. Both Plaintiffs Jennings and Redelsheimer suffered severe bodily injuries from the physical assaults to their bodies, including concussions, and from the pepper spray, temporarily blinding them, burning them and leaving welts on their skin.

Another image shows Jennings on the ground unconscious:

The lawsuit also references a YouTube video shot that night by a third party. The video shows Redelsheimer and Trever Hatch being beaten with sticks as they are trapped against metal barricades set up by police. Buzzfeed says their live stream from the night shows the same incident described in the lawsuit. Here’s their video:

The lawsuit also cites this description written by the person who shot the original video (and who is seen trying to rescue the victims):

In the video I posted, protesters, covered in masks, pepper sprayed what I believe could’ve been attendees to the speech tonight. What happened was horrible – they were sprayed, pinned up against the metal barricades while protesters struck them in the back and on their heads with wood sticks. The man in the orange bill hat was me – they were crying to get them to stop and to help them get out. I jumped the barricades and pulled them out. One of these people, in the first picture was a woman who was being struck continuously by a male assailant. I pulled her out as well. One man was no [sic] so lucky as he was pulled away by the protesters as they ganged up on him and continued to hit him on the head. You don’t see him in the video but he lay there unconscious. That did not stop people from continuing to kick him. These victims were trying to leave the whole time.

I wonder if this lawsuit will get any media traction. Recall that it was 6 months after this when many in the media were shocked by the suggestion that far-left anarchists were responsible for any violence in Charlottesville.

Jazz Shaw May 05, 2021 4:01 PM ET