Friend of Stormy Daniels: She told me Trump chased her around a bed in his underwear

Last Friday, Allahpundit wrote about an alleged $130,000 payoff to porn star Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) who considered coming forward in 2016 to claim she’d had an affair with Trump. The payoff was allegedly made by Trump’s attorney to prevent Daniels from talking with Slate and ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Today Daniels’ friend Alana Evans, who is also a porn star, sat down with Megyn Kelly and recounted the phone call she made to Daniels the day after her 2006 encounter with Trump at a charity golf event. She recalls Daniels telling her, “Well picture this, Donald Trump chasing me around the bedroom in his tighty-whities.” Evans added that this visual, “isn’t something that you ever forget,” but says she didn’t feel the need to ask for any more details about what happened. “So you don’t know whether it went beyond that, that evening,” Kelly asked. “Right, right,” Evans replied.

At this point, Kelly interrupts the interview to explain that while Evans may not know more about what happened, Stormy Daniels did speak with Jacob Weisberg, the editor of Slate, last year prior to the election. Kelly indicated that she had seen an advance copy of a story about those conversations. That story has since been published at Slate. Weisberg recounts how Daniels told him she had a year-long affair with Trump which involved sex on several occasions:

Daniels told me she’d gone to Trump’s hotel room after meeting him at a celebrity golf tournament in Nevada in 2006. There they’d begun a sexual relationship, which continued for nearly a year. They’d met in New York and more than once in Los Angeles. In early 2007, Trump had invited her to a party to promote Trump Vodka, where she was photographed. He’d also invited her to his Miss USA pageant that year.

She didn’t allege any kind of abuse, insisting she was not a victim. The worst Trump had done, she said, was break promises she’d never believed he would fulfill. She claimed he’d offered to buy her a condo in Tampa, Florida, and that he’d said he wanted to feature her as a contestant in an upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice. Daniels, who is far from naïve, says she did not take him seriously, but Trump had insisted his NBC contract let him do whatever he wanted on the show. Eventually, she said, he’d told her the network wouldn’t allow her on the air because of the objections of an executive’s wife.

What evidence did Daniels have to back up her claims? Three of her friends said they knew about the affair at the time. She claimed to have phone numbers for Trump’s personal assistant and his bodyguard (though Weisberg never saw the numbers or confirmed them). Also, Daniels sent Weisberg a two-page sub-agreement designed to shield the actual names involved in the settlement:

The document she texted me indicated that in the main agreement—a document I never saw—“Stephanie Gregory Clifford aka Stormy Daniels is referred to by the pseudonym ‘Peggy Peterson,’ and ___________ is referred to by the pseudonym ‘David Dennison.’ ” The document Daniels sent me included two additional pseudonyms, “David Delucia” and “RCI,” but did not indicate which person and/or entity those pseudonyms referred to. Another provision in the document I saw stated that only Daniels’ lawyer Keith Davidson and a lawyer for the other party would be allowed to retain copies of the side-letter agreement identifying the parties by their actual names.

A week before the election, Daniels stopped talking to Weisberg. One of her friends told Weisberg she had taken the money from Trump. So that’s some hard evidence that a settlement was in the works (you can view the document at Slate) plus some circumstantial evidence that the payment reported by the Wall Street Journal took place (Daniels stopped talking).

The White House has denied the allegations and if you’re looking for another reason to discount the claims made by Alana Evans, look no further than her admission that she was a Bernie supporter who reluctantly voted for Hillary. She is clearly not a Trump fan.

Meanwhile, the real thing to watch in the latter half of this clip isn’t Megyn Kelly describing the Slate reporting, it’s the women seated behind her shaking their heads and looking disgusted. I suspect a lot of women who hear this are going to feel the same way. The big question is what will Melania Trump think about all of this. She was pregnant when this alleged affair began. Does she believe it? How she reacts could be more important than anything Robert Mueller is doing right now.