Yvette Felarca of BAMN ordered to pay attorney's fees to former Berkeley College Republican president

Yvette Felarca, a leader of the Berkeley-area Antifa group known as By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), got a significant slap on the wrist last week. A judge ordered her to pay $11,100 to cover the attorney’s fees of former Berkeley College Republicans President Troy Worden.

Last September, Felarca filed a temporary restraining order against Worden claiming he had harassed and stalked her. At the end of October, Felarca dropped the temporary order rather than pursue a permanent restraining order. At the time, her attorney claimed that this was because Worden hadn’t continued his behavior. But Worden’s attorney suggested a very different motive for Felarca deciding to drop the case. From a Campus Reform report last October:

“Yvette Felarca and three other national leaders for By Any Means Necessary made specific statements under oath about the things that Troy Worden had said and done,” Worden’s attorney Mark Meuser said in a press release.

“Opposing counsel had just seen the video evidence that we were prepared to show the court on Thursday and realized that there were several hours of video that directly contradicted what was testified to on the stand,” he added. “Felarca had no choice but to dismiss the civil harassment petition.”

At the time, another attorney defending Worden said that Felarca and her attorneys would be held accountable for what he called “baseless and vexatious lawsuits.”

Harmeet Dhillon, a managing partner of the law group that defended Worden, strongly condemned Felarca for her history of “filing and dismissing utterly frivolous cases against innocent targets” and pledged to keep the activist and her lawyers “accountable.”

“Felarca and her fellow travelers in BAMN/Antifa need to learn that the California courts are not their personal plaything to use and abuse at will by filing baseless and vexatious lawsuits,” he said. “She is on notice—stunts like this one will no longer go unchallenged in the courts by ordinary citizens. We will hold her, and her lawyers, accountable.”

Worden’s attorneys filed a countersuit in November. Last week a judge ruled that Felarca should pay the Worden’s attorney’s fees, i.e. the money he spent defending himself against the frivolous restraining order.

Commissioner Thomas Rasch of the Superior Court of Alameda County has ordered Felarca to pay Worden $11,100 in attorney fees, according to a Thursday press release, which says Rasch determined that the order “had not been filed in good faith.”…

“This marks the second time in two months that Felarca and her lawyers have been ordered by an area court to pay the attorney fees of their opponents for filing legally and factually unsupported claims in court,” Dhillon commented. “True victims of harassment/stalking/assault need the courts to be available to them as a priority, not clogged with fabricated claims pursued in bad faith.”

Felarca’s attorney has vowed to appeal the decision. As for Felarca herself, she’s a Middle School teacher. Most public school teachers I’m aware of wouldn’t have $11,100 on hand to pay one such judgment, much less two. I’m wondering where the money is coming from for her to pursue her anarchist crusade.