ESPN's Katie Nolan: Trump is a 'f***ing stupid person'

Allahpundit noted earlier that President Trump’s latest stream-of-consciousness tweetstorm was about his own vast intelligence. Usually, Trump seems to be inspired to say these things by whatever he has seen on television that morning or the day before. In this case, he was probably responding to the meeting Democrats held with Dr. Bandy X. Lee to discuss Trump’s mental stability. That’s the most likely cause but not the only possibility. There’s a chance Trump caught wind of another ESPN host calling him a “f***ing stupid person” in an interview Wednesday night. From ABC 15:

Just months after a tweet from an ESPN anchor prompted an angry response from the White House and President Trump, another sportscaster at the network is publicly taking shots at the President.

During a Jan. 3 appearance on the Vice show “Desus & Mero,” Katie Nolan called President Trump an “(expletive) stupid person.”

Nolan, who was hired by ESPN in October after a number of years of hosting “Garbage Time” on Fox Sports, later tweeted that she “had the flu” during the interview.

Granted, this appearance on a Vice show isn’t quite as formal as the meeting with members of Congress, but we know that the President was very unhappy when Jemele Hill called him a “white supremacist” and even tweeted about her after she was suspended for a 2nd offense:

And before that, Trump tweeted this:

So Trump is already primed for criticism coming from ESPN hosts. Maybe he heard about Katie Nolan’s comments as they circulated Thursday and Friday. It seems possible that is one of the things that prompted his tweetstorm.

As for Nolan’s comments themselves, they seem to have been prompted by the exact same thing that prompted Jemele Hill, i.e. she and the show’s two hosts were discussing white supremacy. Nolan said she’d just realized that the “okay” symbol had been adopted by white supremacists and asked if the thumb’s up was also a secret message to racists. Co-host Desus Nice explained that both the thumb’s up and the okay symbol were associated with “white power.” Nolan pushed back saying, “You’re lying.”

“Cause Trump always does this in his thing,” Nice said, giving a thumb’s up to the camera.

“That’s because he’s a f**king [bleep],” Nolan replied. It’s not clear exactly what she said because the audio was bleeped but it may have been the very un-PC word retard.

In any case, her attempt to walk it back is what made news. “Back it up, back it up,” she said before restating her point, “That’s because he’s a f**king stupid person.” Nolan then added, “I’m on a lot of medicine right now.”

Friday, ESPN issued a statement saying it had addressed the issue but would not be suspending Nolan. From the Washington Post:

ESPN issued revised guidelines on social media and political commentary late last year. It tells its employees that they “should refrain from overt partisanship or endorsement of particular candidates” and should “avoid personal attacks and inflammatory rhetoric.” The guidelines also mandate that “communication with producers and editors must take place prior to commentary on any political and social issues to manage volume and ensure a fair and effective presentation.”

The network said it has spoken to Nolan about her appearance on the show.

“We have looked into the totality of Nolan’s comments, they were inappropriate and we have addressed it with her,” Jay Jay Nesheim, ESPN’s senior director of communications, said in an email to The Post.

She got a warning. No doubt things could have been worse if Vice hadn’t bleeped out her initial comment. Here’s the video of her appearance. The comments about Trump come at 13:30.