Video: Chuck Schumer's people are camping outside his home

Hey, if this Senate Minority Leader thing doesn’t work out, maybe his niece can get him a role in her next movie.

The fallout on the left from Senator Chuck Schumer’s astute deal-making abilities is continuing into day three. Ed Morrissey broke down the reaction from liberal media outlets yesterday, but a significant number of progressive activists weren’t satisfied with leaving the job to the press. They showed up last night outside the Senator’s Brooklyn apartments for the traditional airing of grievances and indicated that if he wasn’t going to take a stand for the Dreamers, they were going to make sure he didn’t get any sleep. (Fox News)

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) was on the receiving end of a pro-amnesty protest Tuesday night, according to video and other reports.

A Facebook page advertising an “Our Lives Are On The Line, Chuck” demonstration invited protesters to congregate at Schumer’s apartment building along New York City’s Prospect Park.

“If Chuck won’t let us dream, we won’t let him sleep,” they chanted, according to video captured by a man at the scene.

Schumer is taking heat from the left after joining a vote to reopen the federal government after a weekend shutdown.

As usual, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is likely worth a million. Here are some of the sights and particularly loud sounds.

It won’t come as much of a surprise to learn that one of the groups organizing the activity was the Working Families Party of New York. They’re basically the modern version of the socialists in New York and if Chuck Schumer has them up in arms, there’s a definite fracture on the left.

While all of this may seem amusing if you’re just looking for a reason to munch popcorn, the pressure on Schumer right now could spell trouble over the next couple of weeks. If he’s really feeling the heat, he’ll probably be more inclined to try to take a hard line on immigration reform negotiations just to prove to his base that he’s not going soft. We already saw him claim that the offer for border wall funding is no longer on the table after the shutdown blew up in his face.

If this pattern continues, there may not be a Dreamers bill at all. (And yes, I know… many of you see that as a feature, not a bug.) While I don’t know any conservatives who were exactly cheering for amnesty in any form whatsoever, there has seemed to be a growing sense that providing something for the DACA recipients was simply too popular to stonewall providing we got something substantial in return. The most common theme seems to include an offer of some sort of long term legal status, without any automatic citizenship or voting rights. In exchange, the Democrats need to agree that the amnesty is not extended to millions of others, particularly blocking chain migration of their family members, many of whom were the ones who illegally brought them here in the first place. Add in $18B for wall construction, some additional funding for the Border Patrol and ICE and the passage of Kate’s Law (which has been stuck in the Senate since last July) and we’ve got the makings of a deal.

Do we get all of that? Maybe not. There’s always room for some negotiating around the edges on funding amounts, etc. After all, we’re asking the Democrats to give up a lot. But what if Schumer now feels that his back is against the wall and the only way he regains the support of his base is to fall back on a demand for a “clean” bill with nothing in return? Then we’re heading into another shutdown, apparently. And this time he may just decide that this is the hill they’ll die on.