AZ Sen candidate: Your "clean DACA bill" isn't happening (video)

Major news outlets are already sounding the alarm about a possible government shutdown, assuming that a “clean” DACA bill is the hill that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi want to die on this week. This may be a real option in their minds, or perhaps it’s just a game of brinksmanship to see what they can get out of President Trump and the GOP leadership. But either way, a flat amnesty package with nothing in return isn’t just “a Trump thing.” The majority of the Republicans aren’t warming up to the idea either.

This seems particularly true of Arizona Congresswoman (and newly announced Senate candidate) Martha McSally. She was making the rounds on cable news this week, letting the minority party know that they need to pack the “clean” bill idea away because it’s not gonna happen. (Daily Caller)

Rep. Martha McSally said Monday that Democrats in Congress are wasting their time pursuing a no-strings-attached bill to give legal status to millions of younger illegal immigrants.

She said the Dream Act, which has emerged as the Democrats’ favored replacement for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, is a nonstarter.

“There’s no such thing as doing a clean Dream Act. The Democrats need to get over it. It’s not happening,” the Arizona Republican said on Fox News. “We in our bill have come up with the president’s priorities, the American people’s priorities, and that should be a starting place for these negotiations.”

Fox News tweeted the video of that exchange for everyone yesterday.

This wasn’t a particularly new position for McSally, who has been solid on immigration issues from the beginning. She was also out with a similar warning during an interview last week, when it might have actually done some good had the Democrats been listening. (Fox News)

So is this an indicator of where the majority is going to come down during the current negotiations or is McSally trying to build up her conservative portfolio for the Arizona Senate primary race this season? Well… why can’t it be both? As I said, this isn’t a new position for the Congresswoman. Border security is one of the key planks in her issues platform and she recently introduced legislation to do pretty much precisely what is being negotiated for in the DACA talks.

This is one of those rare cases when we can tell a politician she’s getting the message exactly right. The idea that the GOP should issue a general amnesty for nearly a million illegal immigrants in the hopes that the Democrats will offer something in return “later” is a pipe dream. If the GOP is dumb enough to fall for that sort of Wimpy and the hamburger scenario they don’t deserve to be reelected. That doesn’t mean that we have to get every single thing on the list, but a few big ticket items need to be addressed right now if the Democrats expect blanket amnesty for the Dreamers.

If Chuck Schumer is looking for someone to blame he should place a call to the last president and then have a chat with members of his own party. He was willing to allow Barack Obama to do this by executive fiat rather than putting in the hard work to get some sort of compromised passed as an actual law. Now the clock is running out and he and Minority Leader Pelosi need to come up with a workable deal or get ready to own the shutdown.

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