It's happening. California schedules recall of Democrat tax hike author

Last year, after California legislators passed yet another massive gas tax hike, the people seemed to have finally hit the boiling point. In addition to launching a referendum to repeal the tax increase, a movement began to attempt to recall state Senator Josh Newman, widely viewed as one of the key players who allowed the tax package to pass without a single Republican vote. (Newman holds a seat traditionally won by the GOP and his election gave the Democrats a supermajority.) Governor Jerry Brown and the state Democratic Party leadership tried everything in their power to derail this effort, but in the end, they appear to have failed. The recall is on and will take place concurrent with the upcoming state primary elections. (Washington Free Beacon)

Republicans in the Golden State are celebrating a minor victory Wednesday as two more California GOP congressmen this week announced their retirements in the face of strong Democratic challengers.

Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday set June 5 as the date for a recall election for state Sen. Josh Newman, a recently elected Democrat whose surprise win in a Southern California district traditionally held by Republicans gave his party a super-majority that could pass tax increases and a sanctuary state law without a single GOP vote…

Carl DeMaio, the conservative San Diego talk show host and former San Diego city councilman who is leading the recall effort, on Tuesday celebrated the successful effort to launch a recall against Newman.

First of all, the fact that they even managed to get the recall scheduled is rather amazing. Last summer the Democrats attempted a back-door maneuver to derail the process by changing the rules for recall efforts, making it much harder to collect the needed signatures in an abbreviated period of time. But the will clearly existed to get the job done and opponents of the tax hike managed to beat the deadline.

That doesn’t mean that the party is going down without a fight. The recall should have taken place as its own separate initiative, or possibly at the same time as the referendum to repeal the tax increase. Rather than doing that, Governor Jerry Brown is having it take place as part of the regularly scheduled primary election. This should, in theory, boost the turnout for his supporters, giving Newman a better chance to survive the process. A separate referendum vote would generally have lower turnout, bringing only those most motivated on the issue out to the polls.

Assuming opponents of the tax increase manage to pull this off, we should still ask them one additional question. What if you manage to recall Newman and simply replace him with another Democrat? More specifically, if you don’t like having your taxes continually jacked up, why do you keep electing members of the same party that’s been dedicated to raising them for years? Honestly, you have nobody to blame but yourselves.