Video: Algore's assault on reason when it comes to Iraq

FNC’s Jim Angle tore apart Algore’s new book “Assault on Reason” on last night’s “Special Report.” The Washington correspondent specifically mentioned a speech Gore gave to AIPAC in 2000 in which the former VP said “as long as Saddam stays in power, there can be no comprehensive peace for the people of Israel or … the Middle East.”

However, Gore’s hypocritical thinking doesn’t end there. In “Assault on Reason” Gore says if President Bush and Vice President Cheney really believe there is a connection between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda, “that would make them genuinely unfit to lead our nation.” However, current Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who was First Lady while Gore was Vice President, said the following about the connection between Saddam and al-Qaeda:

SEN. HILLARY CLINTON (D), NEW YORK: He has also given aid, comfort and sanctuary to terrorists, including al Qaeda members.


Thanks to Noel at Newsbusters for the video tip and transcript. Go to his post for more analysis.

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