Video: Guest to Chris Matthews: "So you're fact based now?"

Chris Matthews went on one of his anti-Republican diatribes today. This time he went after Rudy Giuliani for saying the Clinton administration’s policy (The Iraq Liberation Act) called for regime change in Iraq and in part, President Bush was acting that out in the current war. Matthews said this was wrong and called Giuliani a “liar.” However, a quick Wikipedia search says, and I quote, “The Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 is a United States Congressional statement of policy calling for regime change in Iraq.”

Yet, that isn’t what was so interesting about this segment. Matthews began to harass his guests, who couldn’t care less, to answer for Giuiani. The Washington Post’s Ann Kornblut finally got fed up and asked Matthews: “So you’re fact based now?” Ouch. Chris did not take kindly.