Video: NBC attacks Rush as "getting a free pass" for parodying "Obama The Magic Negro"

NBC’s “Today” show attacked radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh for his parody of an LA Times op-ed titled “Obama The Magic Negro.” As I mentioned two weeks ago, the parody song is now well over 2 months old, yet the media is just getting to the hitjob now. Have “some wonder” whether the piece in question is over the line (with the “some” being unnamed reporters looking for a way to pull an Imus on Limbaugh), throw together a few verses from the song written and sung by “white political satirist” Paul Shanklin, put in a video clip of Limbaugh, cue the nerdy, white, liberal media watch dog from the leftwing Soros-funded hyper-partisan Media Matters for America and voila, you have yourself a hit piece. That MMA is passed off as a neutral observer here gives the game away.

Yes, NBC did mention that the song was inspired by an LA Times opinion writer, but did that matter? No. Both “Today” and the columnist, David Ehrenstein, passed the “magic Negro” idea’s origins off as incidental.