Video: Jane Fleming's Freudian slip -- Republicans support terrorism

Dem strategist Jane Fleming “accidentally” said Republicans support terrorism and water boarding. It would make sense that she meant to say “torture,” but does she not also think the former too? Jane’s track record begs to differ.



SHEPARD SMITH, HOST OF “STUDIO B”: Hey, Jane was it your sense we got some separation on this war issue yesterday? On what will Democrats be pouncing from last night?

JANE FLEMING: [arrogant laughter] Well, what I think what we saw was more of the same. Republicans are actually supporting George Bush’s failed policies in Iraq which is not a smart move for them and supporting terrorism and

[background noise] SMITH: Jane! No one is supporting terrorism ..

FLEMING (continuing): — supporting water boarding and doubling up on Guantanamo was not a good move for them to be talking about. So maybe they didn’t get the memo from Secretary Gates, but Secretary Gates said —

SMITH: Wait, wait. I think you said supporting terrorism, is that what you meant to say?

FLEMING: No, I didn’t Shepard and so I apologize.

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