Second Republican debate open thread

Tune in tonight to the Fox News Channel at 9pm eastern. Like the previous debate, this one will last 90 minutes.

If you’re not a television, Fox News is simulcasting the debate on Fox News Radio.


We’ll have a poll up afterwards asking who won. LGF has a pre-debate straw poll. Stay tuned.

If you’re watching and see something clipworthy, don’t be a stranger.

Update (AP): The Fredheads are on the scene with literature in hand. Geraghty thinks the debate might already be over, with Fred the winner by dint of his video response to Michael Moore. It would be sweet irony if Moore, whoring for buzz for his movie, ended up inadvertently building excitement for the conservative standard bearer in the race.

WaPo expects Rudy to be in the crosshairs tonight given South Carolina’s reputation for social conservatism and Falwell’s death this morning. (Any hosanna for Falwell are likely to come from Mitt, who’s in fifth place in the state, if you can believe it, and will be looking to trumpet his values credentials.) He might get a question about 9/11 planning, too, after a former advisor produced an old memo challenging Rudy’s claim that the advisor had recommended the NYC emergency crisis center be placed in WTC 7. (Another former Giuliani aide came forward today to corroborate Rudy’s account.) The possible X-factor tonight, though, is immigration. Late word is that Republicans and Democrats have reached a compromise that would legalize illegals; neither McCain nor Rudy is going to want to talk about that, but Hotline says Tancredo plans to come out swinging so they might not have a choice. Stay tuned.


Update: The boss is liveblogging it.

Update: Huckabee says Congress has been spending money like John Edwards at a beauty shop:


Update (BP): We have one or two video hightlights on the way. Here’s Rep. Tancredo looking for Jack Bauer.

If you think he’s kidding, here’s a clip from Laura Ingraham yesterday proving that he’s…not.

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