Video: Rosie's newest 9/11 theories: Guilani moved steel, kept Command Control in WTC #7

On ABC’s “The View” this morning, host Rosie O’Donnell once again brought up her kooky 9/11 conspiracy theory about WTC #7, this time involving then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani. According to Big Ro, Giuliani ordered steel from WTC #7 be moved to China before any testing could be done. Pregnant co-host and conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck couldn’t help but laugh.

Later in the segment co-host Joy Behar tries to dismiss Giuliani’s heroic role in the aftermath of 9/11, saying he didn’t remove Command Control from the World Trade Center. And guess which building that was in? WTC #7! The building, according to Rosie, that “mysteriously collapsed.” This gave Ro yet another chance to explain Trutherism to the audience.

Behar suggests the show book one expert on each side of the so-called “debate.” Hasselbeck said her expert would be from Popular Mechanics.

A transcript will be available shortly. Stay tuned.

Update: Frank at IMAO:

It’s nice to see that Hasselbeck did some research since the last time this was brought up. I hope she stays true to her threat to get the Popular Mechanics guys on the show for The Big National 9/11 Conspiracy Debate (featuring Rosie O’Donnell). After they figure out whether the U.S. government bombed itself and framed Saudis to get us into an illegal war with Iraq, they can explore whether the Holocaust actually happened or did the Jews kill themselves and framed the Germans to get us into an illegal war with Japan.


Update: Full transcript and analysis at Newsbusters.

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