Video: Imus producer slams "Rev." Al Sharpton in debate on H&C

Former Imus producer Bernard McGuirk and the Reverend Al Sharpton debated the Imus controversy for a full hour on “Hannity & Colmes” last night. McGuirk had the chance to tell Sharpton he’s a “crude, humorless, opportunist” and a “race-baiter.” Burn.

Here’s hoping they post the whole debate online.


BERNARD MCGUIRK: This is how they view you, with all due respect: as a crude, humorless opportunist, a race-baiter who is jealous of, say, Barack Obama and Harold Ford Jr.’s success, who has been rendered irrelevant, you and Jesse Jackson, by those people like that and this was an opportunity for you to get your face back — to make yourself relevant again.