Video: Anti-war VoteVets' Soltz proclaims "I am the troops"

Jon Soltz of anti-war group and Move America Forward chair Melanie Morgan appeared on PBS’s “Newshour” with guest host Judy Woodruff earlier this week to talk about the war in Iraq. Soltz proclaimed “I am the troops” after Morgan said that VoteVets is invested in defeat and what they’re doing is “shameful” and “disrespectful” to our troops. VoteVets works with the far-left, George Soros-funded


Below is a partial transcript:

JUDY WOODRUFF: Ms. Morgan, how are you attempting right now to influence members of Congress?

MELANIE MORGAN: Judy, what we’re doing right now is pointing out on television and across the country — and we’ve held hundreds of rallies. We have aired over two dozen commercials. And we are unveiling a new commercial coming up this Friday, and it is called “The Choice is Clear.”

We make it powerfully and visually apparent to everybody that, if we don’t win in Iraq, we are going to lose America. It’s that simple.

And let me also say that I certainly would hope that the Democrats, if they’re planning their strategy meetings with people like Mr. Soltz and, others who are meeting daily in telephone conference calls, which we are not, by the way, on our side, that al-Qaida is listening to their results, as well.

And I would really hope that they could put that energy into defeating the enemy rather than to accommodate some sort of political score, some sort of game to them to win elections in ’08. And that’s what we are doing.

We are doing rallies, e-mails. We have a complete strategy in place. And we will fight organizations like and We don’t have the millions of dollars in funding that George Soros has given them, but we have the hearts and will of American people.

JUDY WOODRUFF: And, Mr. Soltz, respond, and I want to know which senators and others you’re targeting. Can you just give us a few names?

JON SOLTZ: Yes, ma’am. We have the hearts and will of over 65 percent of the American people, the Iraq Study Group, the 45 percent of the troops who have served in our military that don’t support George Bush’s war in Iraq, and they have the 36 percent that do. So the polls and we have that support.

But, you know, the issue is that they want to support this nation- building policy. So this week, we’re rolling ads out in Minnesota targeting Senator Coleman. We’re running ads in New Hampshire targeting Senator Sununu, Virginia, Senator Warner, and also in House districts across the country, along with Susan Collins in Maine.

But she’s right. I couldn’t agree with her more. Al-Qaida is listening, and that’s the entire point. And al-Qaida supports their policy. They have undermined our troops in field. They’ve empowered Iran.

Al-Qaida said it two days ago. They want us in Iraq. They’ve strategically fixed our assets to defeat them in the war on terror inside the middle of a Shia-Sunni conflict in the middle of the Middle East. And it’s absolutely ridiculous.

MELANIE MORGAN: Well, it’s nice to know that you really believe in the fearsome firepower of al-Qaida and in their ability to win a war. And I think what you’re saying is shameful and really disrespectful to our troops.

JON SOLTZ: You’re undermining our troops in the field right now by these comments… I am the troops.


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