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Strong content warning:

Opie and Anthony Condi Rice

Radio talk show hosts Opie and Anthony — yes, the same Opie and Anthony made infamous by a church sex stunt in 2002 — talked about raping the Secretary of State on their XM program this morning. The two went in an in-depth discussion describing the would-be situation. Quite disgusting.


Here’s how describes the skit:

Warning: Extremely Vulgar Language. Shock Jocks Opie and Anthony engage in discussion about forced sex with the Secretary of State. A studio guest begins describing the scenario as the hosts laugh and encourage him. Anthony talks about the horror for Rice as the guest is “holding her down” and assaulting her.

Well XM, is this the kind of filth you want to be known for?


Update (Bryan): To our Hot Air readers, we apologize. We got this one wrong. We relied on the description of Opie & Anthony’s stunt as it appeared on, and that description turned out to be erroneous. The segment aired yesterday, not today, and wasn’t a pre-planned skit. has changed its description of the segment to reflect the facts. We apologize for our error.

Update (Ian): I’ll inject my two-cents here. It doesn’t matter if the words came from O&A’s mouth or “Homeless Charlie’s,” the fact remains they facilitated and humored this garbage that doesn’t belong on the airwaves, public or private.


Correction/update from

Please correct the item on your site that says the information
on was erroneous.

The time stamp of our posting has not changed since we put
it up and at no time did we indicate that it was from Thursday’s

And at no time did we indicate that it was a pre-planned skit.

So both of the assertions in the posting now on your site are

Thank you,

Scott Baker
VP Business Development/

We stand corrected and apologize for the errors/confusion. (bp/mm)

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