Video: 9/11 Truther talks WTC 7, Kerry, and the "real" bin Laden

9/11 truther Webster Tarpley appeared on “Hannity & Colmes” tonight. A quick survey of his site makes his political persuasion clear. The main topic was WTC Building 7, not the whole day’s events on 9/11, although we can assume where Tarpley stands on that issue.

However, Tarpley’s nutty conspiracy theories don’t end at Building 7. He says the “bin Laden” we know doesn’t actually exist. Instead, there are several bin Ladens, including a “troupe of CIA actors.” Whatever that means.

Both members of the dynamic duo agreed this guy’s crazy and hurts the victims of 9/11. However, last July, when interviewing truther Professor (yes, Professor) Bob Bowman, Colmesy said he was “agnostic” as to whether Bush was behind 9/11 or not. So, he was for 9/11 conspiracy theories before he was against them? Hmm.