Audio: Rush attacked for "Barack the Magic Negro" parody, explains liberal racism line-by-line

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh was attacked recently by CBS 13 in Sacramento for parodying an LA Times op-ed in which Sen. Barack Obama was described as a “magic negro.” The channel claimed the parody song was racist and posted a poll on their website to that effect. Rush’s parody aired in early March, but that didn’t stop CBS 13 from bringing it up now. The channel even went so far as to say the song might be responsible for Obama’s heightened security. (Obama himself shrugged the song off.)

Rush has been lambasting the Sacramento news channel all this week for their hit job and has his own poll up now:

Rush Limbaugh morons poll

He even explained the song in a tutorial to listeners earlier this week, line by line to show which side of the aisle the lyrics come from. So if CBS 13 in Sacramento think Rush Limbaugh is racist, they must think the liberals who are parodying the song are racist too. Right?

Rush gives you background information on the hit here.