Video: Liberal Stahl appalled that opinionated people can host news programs

Lesley Stahl profiled CNN’s Lou Dobbs on 60 Minutes Sunday night. Stahl gave a shocked, deer-in-the-headlights look when Dobbs said that he was not a fan of the President. She wondered, how can someone who doesn’t like the President host a news program? That nearly made me spew my beverage all over the screen. A CBS journalist, working for the same network that employed Dan Rather and aired those fake National Guard memos, finds it stunning that someone with an opinion is allowed to have their own news show. Snort.

Laura Ingraham commented on Stahl’s laughable hypocrisy on her radio show Monday morning. Laura is right on when she notes how anyone who has a conservative opinion is portrayed as “mad as hell” when liberals, especially anti-war activists, are portrayed as just “passionate.” Listen to her comment here.