Video: Rosie goes on diatribe against War on Terror, Bush, Troops; sympathizes with terrorists

No 9/11 conspiracies today, but Rosie’s diatribe against our nation, the war, and the troops was just as bad. Rosie said “we [have] killed way more Americans than terrorists have,” comparing 9/11 to the current American death toll in Iraq. You can only guess what she meant by “we have killed.” Such intelligent comments from someone who thought “Mission Accomplished” referred to the whole war on terror.

Continuing, Rosie said terms such as “terror” and “cell” are shock words used to scare people. Wow, I guess if it wasn’t for the invention of those words, we wouldn’t be scared of terrorists people who want to convert and kill us.

Rosie used the stereotypical liberal line: we went into Iraq for the oil and then called Bush a “oil baron,” adding the Bush’s are “oil people.”

There was some conspiracy talk today, though. Rosie said the government made up information to get us into this war and suggested they will do the same to get us to invade Iran. However, big mouth Rosie ignored conservative Elisabeth, who was awesome today, when she brought up Iranians funneling weapons into Iraq.

Towards the end of the segment Rosie portrayed the “vast majority” of our military as a bunch of poor idiots and felons who are only in the military to get an education. Again, she ignored Elisabeth when she informed Big Ro that test scores of members of our military have been higher than ever.

Arguably the best part of this clip is when Rosie sympathizes with terrorists. She says Americans have been programmed into robotic zombies to hate terrorists. After all, terrorists are “mothers” and fathers” too!

Rotund Oracle: Terrorists are “mothers and fathers” but our troops are stupid. That tells us all we really need to know about Big RO.

Update: More analysis and a transcript at Newsbusters.