Video: Eisner says it's time to get the public "emotional" about gun control

Appeals to reason are so passe. Or so suggested the former Disney CEO during his appearance this afternoon on CNBC’s “Power Lunch,” in which he called explicitly for the abolition of handguns in America. We’re happy to see such a prominent media figure as excited as we are about online video and its political possibilities, not so happy to see him declaring his intention to demagogue this issue through “emotional” narratives and referring to politicians who support the Second Amendment as “co-conspirators.”

If Eisner’s thinking this way, what must big media be thinking?

Transcript (thanks to AP):

“I’ve always wanted to do position through story on the ridiculousness of having guns and automatic weapons in our society. And it’s been very much obviously in the news, sadly, sadly. But when you’re in a public company and you’re in Washington — I was just saying “Don’t fight the NRA” — or you’re in a big company where your major constituencies are middle Americans, and where you don’t own the company, you’re working for your shareholders, you’ve got to be very careful. And we pushed through same-sex health insurance, some very advanced things… But we never could do the kind of material that I can now do because nobody can tell me I can’t do it. So I think the solution is to get the public, in an emotional, story-driven way, behind the goal of an abolition of handguns and automatic weapons. Because politicians are almost co-conspirators in this bloodshed. They are chickens, I was even a little chicken at Disney. Nobody will take on what I consider the imbecilic arguments of arming America.”