Audio: Ted Rall talks British hostages, Pat Tillman cartoon on Dennis Miller show

Political cartoonist Ted Rall phoned in on the Dennis Miller show yesterday and talked about the Iranian hostage crisis as well as his disturbing scribbles. Rall, who is extremely anti-Bush and consistently anti-American (no, those aren’t the same thing), commented the British were “calm” and used diplomacy, however if it were Bush and American sailors, he would have gone to war with Iran.

The fact that Bush hasn’t gone to war over the 170 Americans who have been killed in Iraq by Iranian weapons is apparently lost on Rall.

Descriptions of the British debacle that Rall didn’t use include “flatfooted” and “weak.” And “humiliating.”

Rall was deadset that “diplomacy” solved the hostage crisis. However, Miller laid out a more than possible scenario that included Pelosi getting Assad to talk to Ahmadinejad to release the troops, thus making them look like the heroes and Bush looking like the loser. Rall submitted, but had to get an Anti-American jab in there, saying the Iranians are just as good or better at propaganda than the US.

Rall commended Blair and Ahmadinejad for not “playing it stupid” because, he said, if it were American sailors, Bush would have played it “stupid” and forced Ahmadinejad into war.

Actually, if the sailors had been American, they wouldn’t have been captured without firing a shot. But never mind that.

At the end of the interview, Rall tried to explain himself for insulting Pat Tillman in one of his cartoons.

The full show is available here.