Video: Olby breaks silence on hostage crisis, says US "blinked"

Refusing to cover the Iran-Britain hostage situation while it was actually going on, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann finally broke his silence last night to comment on the release of 15 British sailors.

That’s right. He didn’t cover the story until after it was over. Way to keep your audience of three dozen and a cocker spaniel informed, MSNBC.

Johnny Dollar at Olbermann Watch gives the low down:

#4: After 13 days of ignoring the story entirely, Oralmann teed up the news of the hostage release as if his audience were intimately familiar with all the details. In fact, he has never said one word about it. But hey, now he can put an anti-Bush spin on it: the U.S. “blinked”. And since there is no record of Olbermahn uttering even a peep about it until now, he can take whatever position he likes as long as it makes “Mister” Bush look bad. OlbySpin at its most elegant, and most repellent. Again Herr Olbermann suggested the US “blinked” as he introduced recycled NBC footage. But guess what? There was nothing whatsoever in the report about the US “blinking” or anything remotely like it. Olbermahn just dropped that in: it made the blue blogs happy, and so what if there was not one syllable of explanation or documentation presented? The loons won’t care. Olby thanked the tape machine.