Audio: Dick Cheney agrees, Dems exhibit "Stalinist behavior"

The Veep was on Rush’s show today, and didn’t mince words.

RUSH: One more, and that’s the recess appointment of Sam Fox. Sam Fox is from my home state, and I know of Sam Fox. He’s an immigrant, a Ukrainian-Jewish immigrant whose parents had nothing. When they died, they had nothing. He is a totally self-made man, a great American, and he was treated horribly by Senator Kerry and others on that committee, simply because he had made a political donation. They essentially told him he did not have free speech in this country, and until he would apologize, ’til he would go up to Kerry and apologize for supporting the swift boats… Now the president has recess appointed him, and of course the Democrats say they’re going to investigate this and going to look into this. This is the kind of move that garners a lot of support from the people in the country. This shows the administration willing to engage these people, and not allow them to get away with this kind of — well, my term, you don’t have to accept it — “Stalinist behavior” by those people on that committee.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, you’re dead on, Rush. I know Sam well. He’s a good friend of mine and has been for many years, I think he’s a great appointment and he’ll do a superb job as our ambassador to Belgium. I was delighted when the president made the recess appointment. He clearly has that authority under the Constitution —

(Audio and transcript courtesy of the Rush Limbaugh Program)