Video: David Gregory, "dancing man"

President Bush zinged David Gregory as “dancing man” during today’s presser. At last week’s Radio and Television Correspondents’ Dinner, the wooden, stilted, barely moving “dancing man” got called up on stage to join MC Rove’s entourage. Gregory is the flailing scarecrow in the background. However, this isn’t the first time Gregory has thrown out his dancing skillz. In 2005, he “danced” to the tune of Feliz Navidad on the “Today” show.

A run on Dancing with the Stars can’t be far off now.


BUSH: For those of you not aware, Gregory put on a show the other–

GREGORY: Everybody’s aware, Mr. President, thank you–

BUSH: Well maybe the listeners aren’t–

GREGORY: Yeah, that’s alright.

BUSH: That was a beautiful performance, seriously.

GREGORY: Thank you very much Mr. President. Mr. President, you say the Democrats are undercutting the troops…

(hat tip: TV Newser. Post edited by Bryan.)