A Bush moment you won't see in the MSM


President Bush helping the elder Sen. Robert Byrd take a seat at a ceremony honoring the Tuskegee airmen for their courageous service during WWII.

The only news outlet I can find publishing this photo and/or writing about what happened is the Charleston Daily Mail.

Dave Hinz at The HinzSight Report writes:

So why then did this President take the time and trouble to take the hand of his political enemy, a man who has said, “We have heard a lot about revisionist history from the White House of late in answer to those who question whether there was a real threat from Iraq. But, it is the President who appears to me to be intent on revising history.”

Why would this President show such deference and respect to a man who has suggested that he, the President, has been guilty of impeachable offenses?

The answer is as simple as the humility of this President. He took the hand of Robert Byrd, to help him into his seat, because Byrd is approaching 90 years of age, and this President is respectful of his elders. He took his hand because he needed help, and this President is not the type of person to turn his back on a fellow human being in need. He took his hand as an act of friendship, because this President does not take his politics personally. He understands that his political enemies are not his personal enemies.


(photo via Lucianne)

(Don Surber blogged about this last Friday, sorry I missed it.)