Video: Behar earns her dunce cap

Joy Behar’s Bush-bashing blew up in her perpetually pinched face (though neither Howard Stern’s fiance, nor poor Elisabeth, nor anyone else on “The View” set thought to point it out). Actor John Lithgow, a graduate of Harvard, appeared on Tuesday’s show to discuss politics and his latest children’s book. Behar seized on Lithgow’s educational pedigree, coyly wondering whether his Ivy League school was tougher than another:

JOY BEHAR: Was it harder to get into Harvard than Yale? Because Bush went to Yale!


BEHAR: I never lose an opportunity.

JOHN LITHGOW: I rest my case.

Um, Behar should check the biographies of some of her liberal friends.

Former President Bill Clinton and current Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton: Yale Law.

John Kerry: Lackluster at Yale.

Howard Dean: Yale.

Just sayin’.

Apropos of nothing: What on earth is Elisabeth wearing? Rosie’s curtains?