Video: Hillary praises Bush at fundraiser; "he kept his word" on 9/11 funds

Sen. Hillary Clinton said she was “grateful” President Bush “kept his word” and provided 9/11 funding for New York. Clinton responded to a question from singer Barbara Streisand at a fundraiser in Hollywood on Saturday night. Transcript is below the video.

(video thanks to Breitbart)

BARBARA STREISAND: I’m scared of the microphone … Did New York ever get the money that was promised?

SEN. HILLARY CLINTON: Yes and you know this is one area that I really am grateful to the President for. I was at ground zero the afternoon of September the 12th with my colleague Chuck Schumer that some of you know … that night, the night of the 12th, the White House sent a request to the Congress for emergency funding to fix the Pentagon and to began to go after al Qeada and there wasn’t a single penny for New York. They asked for $20 billion but no money for New York. The next day, Chuck and I went to the White House and we met with the President and we basically said: “Mr. President, you can’t ask for money for the war we’re going to have to wage against these people who attacked us and to fix the Pentagon without asking for money without New York.” So, we asked for $20 billion and he said yes, and we had to work hard to keep it because there a lot of people in his administration and in the Congress who weren’t ready to give us that money. But, he kept his word, we did get the money. And I really appreciate that because it was a huge help for us to began rebuilding and put a lot of people’s lives back together.