Video: Question: Why do conservatives dislike Al Gore so much?


Transcript (emphasis Noel’s):

JOE SCARBOROUGH, HOST OF MSNBC’S “SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY”: Terry Holt, why do conservatives dislike Al Gore so much?

TERRY HOLT, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: Well, what makes the criticism so effective about Al Gore is that Al Gore himself is—generates the problem. It‘s not that he‘s just a hypocrite, and he is, but he‘s a braggart. I mean, he‘s claimed to have invented the Internet, among many other things. He claimed to have discovered the environmental problems that exist today, when in fact, he himself uses more energy in one month at his house in Tennessee than most people use in an entire year at their house. The pristine grounds of Al Gore‘s house in Tennessee backed up on the other side of a mountain by a zinc mine that his family has leased for some 30 years to a mining company.