Video: Matt Lauer, terrorism expert

Rosie O wasn’t the first to leap to Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s defense. NBC morning anchor and now terrorism expert Matt Lauer beat her to it on this morning’s “Today” show, citing being “subjected to waterboarding” or “torture” will make you “spew out all kinds of locations.”

LAUER: How credible is this laundry list of targets? If you’re being subjected to waterboarding or torture, won’t you just spew out all kinds of locations to make it stop?

Bryan adds: The ignorance of MSM figures just never stops. We already knew much of what KSM confessed, and suspected the rest, before the recent confession was released. But evidently Lauer and Rosie would rather pour cold water on evidence that KSM is a terrorist monster than give our own troops or the Bush administration so much as an inch of credit on the war.

(via Rush Limbaugh)