Video: Andy Rooney calls troops "losers"


In his commentary on last night’s “60 Minutes,” Andy “Negro is a perfectly good word” Rooney said that today’s military is like the military during World War II, which was made of “losers” who did not complete high school.

I hated everything about Army life. I hated the Field Artillery regiment I was assigned to. Most of the guys in it were high school dropouts and the Army wasn’t using the term “moral waiver,” yet but a lot of them would have needed it.

They had joined before the draft so they had already been promoted to being corporals or sergeants and they were in charge of the rest of us.

In 1942 we were at war with Germany and it wasn’t long before drafted college students and high school graduates dominated our military. It changed the United States Army for the better and in two years made it the best fighting force there has ever been. The Army and Navy were no longer made up of losers.

He was comparing the “reduced standards” during World War II to those accepted in today’s military, standards that are still above every other service, and in a military that leads the world in management, theory, tactics, training and capability. As for Rooney, he squeaked his way out of combat service during World War II. So he doesn’t deserve and won’t get an Absolute Moral Authority card. He’s just a cranky old coot.