Video: Maher: Republicans "love Ronald Reagan in a way that's just gay"

(hat tip: Noel Sheppard)

This “joke” came right after he made fun of Ann’s anti-gay “joke”. The crowd booed Ann but went wild over Bill’s “Republicans love Reagan in a gay way” joke. By the way, panelist David Kuo is the one who implied calling Reagan the “big Gipper” is gay. Kuo, if you remember, is a real “Christian conservative” who left the White House because they lost their religious way. He was whooping on conservatives all last night. However, he did defend Reagan’s part in the Cold War (not shown in the video). I can’t wait to see America Blog condemn Maher. I just. can’t. wait. Bill Maher’s weird joke is okay though, since he’s a liberal.


BILL MAHER, HOST: And they [Republicans] have something very gay, excuse me, going on with Ronald Reagan. I mean, they love Ronald Reagan in a way that’s just gay. I’m sorry, but, I think they want to put him on a stamp so they can lick his backside. Seriously, I mean, am I right?

DAVID KUO, PANELIST: They call him the big Gipper.

Uh, no, Bill you’re not right. Reagan brought the economy back, brought American confidence back and won the Cold War. Maybe you missed that decade. The rest of us didn’t.