Video: Jack Cafferty compares Gingrich to "train wreck" and "loves" it

CNN commentator Jack Cafferty, blasting Newt Gingrich for his extramarital relationship, remarked that it is like a “carnival” in Washington. The Situation Room guest host Suzanne Malveaux said that it sounds “very, very messy.” Cafferty responded he “love[s] it,” and that “it’s like watching a train wreck.”

Cafferty made similar comments in October of 2005:

Jack Cafferty: Yeah, but I mean, you know, this [Harriet Miers nomination] is going to be like watching those super trains that go from the Tokyo airport into downtown Tokyo, go off the tracks at maximum speed. I mean, you just won’t see anything better than that.

Cafferty loves seeing a man admit, not for the first time, that he made serious mistakes in his life. Behold the loving, tolerant left in full flower.