Wilson and Plame say bye to DC, hello to Santa Fe

Good riddance:

A life has ended for Valerie Wilson.

After years at the center of a furor, Joseph and Valerie Wilson are leaving Washington for Santa Fe, N.M.

The moving crates piled high in her living room in a leafy corner of Washington, and the new home that awaits in Santa Fe, N.M., represent a drawing to a close of her once-promising career in the Central Intelligence Agency.

When she and her husband, Joseph C. Wilson IV, the loquacious former ambassador, and their 7-year-old twins depart this week, Ms. Wilson, 43, will leave a near-hermetic social circle of covert C.I.A. officers, perhaps the only people in whom she could truly confide.

Need a tissue? Continue reading the article and you’ll wonder if this was a press release by the Wilson’s spokesperson.

Threatening the sue bomb yet again, the Wilsons plan to sue the CIA if the government agency decides not to let Plame publish her book:

The Wilsons have to overcome a single hurdle: the C.I.A.

“The problem is that the agency is living in an Alice-in-Wonderland world where they don’t want to admit that she worked for them before 2002,” Mr. Wilson said as he paused in packing on Wednesday. “We just might have to sue them, and they will be reminded this is not the Soviet Union.”

Mark Mansfield, a C.I.A. spokesman, said Ms. Wilson’s book was under review. “The concern is that the manuscript as it was originally submitted would cause additional damage to operational matters,” said Mr. Mansfield, who added that most operatives were able to publish eventually.

“…they don’t want to admit that she worked for them before 2002…” Right. That’s why the “leak” of her name has been under investigation since 2003. Because the CIA is still interesting in hiding her non-covert status.

The Wilsons ride off into the sunset, having all but destroyed the nation’s ability to wage war.