Video: Coulter "ugly," "cultural disease," Maher, eh not so much

First, I’ve got to hand it to Paula Zahn who was an exceptional moderator. She challenged both sides of the panel consisting of two liberals and only one conservative. Michael Gross whipped out his tin foil hat early in this debate and said those who didn’t think Coulter would use the “f-word” have “space between their eyes.” He condemned Coulter’s remarks as “ugly,” which I would agree with, but then called her a “cultural disease.”

After Zahn played Maher’s remarks and filed through a few Cheney death wishes at the Huffington Post, she immediately went to Gross for comment. Instead of denouncing Maher, like he did with Coulter, Gross went on some anti-Cheney rant. He uttered it wasn’t Maher who “who went too far” but Cheney’s arrogance of power, which he has used to “lie” and “provoke people.” Gross accused the Vice President of “driving people crazy.” Yes, we can tell! Continuing his diatribe, he paused to call Maher’s choice of words “over the top.”

The clip is severely edited to show mostly Gross and what provoked him.

Gross has a knack for exploding in television studios. Check out my posts on him at Expose the Left.