CPAC wrap up

This was my third CPAC and my first time staying all three days. This year’s CPAC racked in a record 6,200 attendees along with top Presidential candidates, not including one John McCain. You’ve read enough from the MSM about one specific speaker’s comments, but what you haven’t seen enough of is blogger coverage.

Stacy McCain at the Washington Times writes about the journey of a group of Westmont students from the Reagan Ranch to Washington.

Ed Morrissey at Captain’s Quarters covered Rudy’s speech and liveblogging Brownback’s.

See Jane Mom also did a lot of CPAC blogging, most than the rest of us!

Ace covered Giuliani’s speech and Romney’s speech like white on rice.

The American Mind’s Sean Hackbarth blogged the most about CPAC by far. Like last year, he was the first (or one of the first) to blog about Ann Coulter’s poor choice of words. Earlier this morning Sean wrote an open letter to CPAC asking them not to invite Coulter back.

Karol at Alarming News, who I had a great conversation with about Herman Cain, has some CPAC moments captured on camera. As you can see here, Bryan and I were already wiped by Friday. For the record, I’m still wiped.

Mary Katharine Ham covers Romneymania.

Kevin McCullough interviewed Pat Boone, Gov. Jim Gilmore, David Horowitz (or as Ace coined, D-Ho), MKH, Sam Brownback, Captain Ed, Pat Hynes, and Mitt Romney.

Congratulations to Victory Caucus founder NZ Bear for winning this year’s Blogger of the Year award.

James Joyner on Romneybots and Browbackshirts. Heh.

Results of the CPAC straw poll:

Mitt Romney 21%
Rudy Giuliani 17%.
Sam Brownback 15%
Newt Gingrich 14%
John McCain, 12%,

For Rudy to finish in second place at CPAC where he had no signs, no t-shirt wearing supporters handing out stickers, pretty much no anything, is great. And on that note, Newt also did amazingly well — especially since he’s not even in the race. Yet. Romney and Brownback, who had the most vocal supporters, should have blown everyone else away.