CPAC Day 2: Giuliani

Giuliani drew a huge crowd, the largest I’ve seen by far. Let me just put it this way: the ballroom where he was speaking was packed, the hallway leading to the ballroom was packed and people surrounded monitors broadcasting his speech. Everyone seems to love Rudy. Oddly, there are no Rudy t-shirts or stickers floating around but it seems everytime I turn around I see someone in a Brownback or Romney shirt reminding me they speak at 1:30 and 2:45 respectively.

From what I heard standing fifteen feet away from a monitor with at least two dozen people around it, I liked. But then again I do have a bias.

Bryan and Michelle made it in and have video, hopefully we will clip piece of it at some point.

Captain Ed is Rudy blogging. I’ll update with reactions from CPAC bloggers as they come in.

The American Mind chimes in.

The internets are back up and The Boss has posted some money quotes:

“I believe the Republican Party’s greatest contribution is when we give more freedom to people.”

“America will prevail against the Islamic terrorists. I have no doubt.”

“Maybe we made a mistake in calling this the war on terrorism. This is not our war on them. This is their war on us.” (Prolonged applause.)

“This war ins over when they stop planning to come over here and kill us. Until then, we have to remain on offense against terrorists.”

“America has the right ideas. We should not be embarrassed by ourselves. We are the luckiest people in the world.”

Read her analysis here.