Video: H&C, Powers, Taranto on liberals hoping for Cheney's death

Opinion Journal’s James Taranto and Democratic strategist Kirsten Powers joined Hannity & Colmes to discuss the vitriolic messages praying hoping for the death of Vice President Cheney made on the liberal Should the Secret Service investigate these pathetic people like they did when Clinton was President? Hannity and Taranto get into it.

Powers and Colmes claim they receive death threats and explicit messages all the time. I’m sure they do, everyone does. However, can they name one site on the right that has consistently called for the death of a Democratic politician or known for it’s hateful entries and comments? Remember, just one now.

Powers and Hannity got in a little tiff over this post by Tony Hendra at the Huffington Post calling Cheney’s heart to stop. Hannity was mad because Arianna allowed it, Powers argued Huffington doesn’t queue posts for approval. The point is, Huffington allowed it to stay up, implying she approved the message.

That wasn’t the first time Cheney received death wishes from Huffington Post readers. In 2005, Carmen Sandiego, er, I mean Arianna Huffington tracked Cheney down at a hospital he was being treated at. Arianna demanded to know every little detail about his visit and then blurbed about it at her blog. Like Tuesday’s incident and last Thanksgiving’s post by Hendra, the post also had a ton of comments by those afflicted with Cheney Derangement Syndrome. And like Tuesday’s post, Arianna had to issue a “note on [the] comments.”

By the way, Hannity references The Boss at the end. You’ll just have to watch.