Gallup poll: Black, woman more likely electable than Mormon, thrice married, old candidate

A new Gallup poll shows Americans are more likely to vote for Obama (a black) and Clinton (a woman) than Romney (a Mormon), Giuliani (married three times) and McCain (72 years years old):

Asked if they’d be willing to vote for a “generally well-qualified” candidate with the followign characterisitics, here’s how the tally went in the Feb. 9- 11 poll.

Black 94%
Jewish 92%
A woman 88%
Hispanic 87%
Mormon 72%
Married for third time 67%
72 years of age 57%
A homosexual 55%
An atheist 45%

James Joyner analyzes:

With all the talk about Romney’s Mormon Problem–with some sizable percentage of Americans thinking the religion he belongs to is a cult–this survey would seem to indicate that it’s less of a problem than being twice-divorced. That’s rather interesting given that there seems to be no real stigma to divorce and re-marriage in the society at large. Further, being 72 years old is massively more problematic, at least theoretically.

I’ve long known that an acknowledged atheist could never win the presidency. But who would have guessed that atheists would poll behind homosexuals? Wonder what Andrew Sullivan would make of that?