Murtha: U.S. Troops "Have Everything They Need," live in palace(s)


He did not elaborate but went on to talk about services enjoyed by U.S. troops in Iraq but denied to many Iraqis.

“Let’s take, for instance, Saddam Hussein’s palace – that’s where our troops are living,” Murtha said.

“They have everything they need. They have electricity, as they should. They have warm water. They have all the things that you need and we provide for our troops, and I agree with that,” he said.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the video (long):

Video here.

Update: Rob Port goes through the whole video and notes the highlights, including this:

Murtha saying that only 42% of our troops even understand the mission they’re on in Iraq, which is not only a slam at the intelligence of our troops a la Senator Kerry but also seems to be a statistic Murtha has pulled out of thin air.

Dems making up statistics to fit their opinions? No …

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