Video: NBC's Gregory to Bush: "Critics" say you are making up evidence to invade Iran

“A lot of critics say that you are using the same quality of intelligence about Iran that you used to make the case for war in Iraq . . . and that you are doing that to make a case for war against Iran. Is that the case?”

“Critics” is a euphemism for “in my opinion.” For example, critics think David Gregory is a liberal.

Mark Finkelstein:

It goes without saying that we wouldn’t want to provoke such a person — it could harm his self-esteem. Unfortunately, President Bush doesn’t seem to have gotten the message. But thank goodness for David Gregory. As luck would have it he turned up at today’s White House press conference to convey the message to the president: stop provoking poor Mahmoud!

President Bush reiterated to Gregory what he had said earlier in the press conference: that there is no doubt that the Quds force has provided sophisticated IEDs to forces within Iraq, and that Quds is a part of the Iranian government. Whether the highest level of the Iranian government had ordered Quds to do so, the president couldn’t say.