Audio: Levin crushes Olbermann Update: Audio of my Mark Levin call

If you know Mark Levin, you know what you’re in for. If not, consider this your mild content warning.

Johnny Dollar has audio at Olbermann Watch and writes this about Levin’s “scathing” response to Olbermann:

The entire first hour was a blistering response to Krazy Keith, almost certainly the most scathing, devastating denunciation of the discredited sports guy that has ever aired. And we have the audio for your listening pleasure.

There is just one tiny correction I would offer to The Great One: he’s not the first to return fire to Olbermann, Michelle did it In November and boy did she return fire.

More analysis from our friend Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters.

Update: Levin has debated liberals many times. Here’s one example. He also debated Bob Beckel, video I posted on my old site which at the moment is down.

Update: Keith sez he ain’t “politically biased.” Ha. Ha. Ha.

Update: Johnny Dollar posted audio of me calling in to the Mark Levin show about Michelle’s response to Olbermann’s attack on her last year.

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