Video: OMG! Libs furious with Glenn Beck for repeating gay slur in non-derogatory way

Some liberal bloggers have been up in arms this week over Glenn Beck’s use of the word “faggot” during the Monday broadcast of his CNN show. Commenting on the controversy surrounding actor Isaiah Washington, Beck merely repeated the word Washington had used to insult one of his castmates — and prefaced it moments earlier by referring to it as a “naughty name.” Not good enough, alas, for the language police. People, it should be noted, who routinely hurl and tolerate racist slurs at minority conservatives.

Perhaps if Beck had photoshopped blackface onto pictures of the nutroots’ enemies, he’d have fared better.

“Think” Progess has the video.

I wonder how many of these same folks got upset when the distinguished ex-Kleagle from West Virginia used the term “white niggers” in a most derogatory way indeed? How many of them will get mad at us for just repeating what the Democrats’ own “conscience of the Senate” said?

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