Michael Steele named GOPAC chairman

It’s not the chairmanship I wanted Steele to have, but it’s certainly one he will succeed at:

GOPAC today announced former Congressman J.C. Watts, Jr. will be stepping down after serving nearly four years as Chairman. Former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele will be named as GOPAC’s seventh Chairman.

Under Watts’ leadership, GOPAC more than tripled fundraising, raising nearly $9 million during the last election cycle. GOPAC trained thousands of Republican activists across the country and assisted Republican organizations in recruiting candidates for local office. GOPAC also provided direct campaign support to candidates in 17 states.


“I intend to take GOPAC back to the message and mission that made it great. We will concentrate GOPAC’s efforts on recruiting, training, and equipping candidates across the country to establish and maintain a republican majority.” Michael Steele said.

Steele went on to say, “The time is now for GOPAC to step up and play a pivotal role in the upcoming elections across the country. The strategies I implement will make this a reality and I look forward to the challenge.”

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