Video: Olby plays softball with Hillary

In this hard hitting interview full of spin Hillary tells us no one is more “heartsick” about the policy in Iraq than she.

Olby asked challenging questions everybody wants to know such as:


# How would you answer people who’ve approached this and say, I could not possibly vote for anyone who, no matter how misled they might have been, no matter how misled the country might have been, voted in any way to authorize what has happened in Iraq? How would you answer them?

# So how can you, and Senator Obama, and Senator Edwards and Governor Vilsack, and Governor Richardson, and everybody else who is considering, or has considered, or will run for the Democratic nomination, maintain and survive a campaign of that length, to say nothing of the American people? How do we do this?

# But having spent eight years in the White House under the conditions in which you and your husband spent them, that’s a reason to want to go back to the White House?

# What, in your opinion, is, as of right now, the State of the Union?

# What, if you could pick and could only show to the voters one element of your resume, would you say, “This is it, this why”?

If you want to abuse your brain more, the full interview is available here.

Update: Mark Levin has some choice words for Olby and MSLSD.

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Beege Welborn 4:41 PM on September 28, 2023