McCain blames Cheney for Iraq failures

Sleepy McCain has some choice words for Vice President Dick Cheney, The Politico reports:

With his presidential hopes tied to an administration whose Iraq policy he supports but cannot control, John McCain for the first time blamed Vice President Cheney for what McCain calls the “witch’s brew” of a “terribly mishandled” war in which U.S. forces are on the verge of defeat.

McCain also for the first time opened the door to the possibility of a U.S. troop pullback to the borders of Iraq should the president’s planned troop surge fail.

It was just two years ago McCain had these kind words for Cheney:


The maverick says this about Rummy:

McCain added: “Rumsfeld will go down in history, along with McNamara, as one of the worst secretaries of defense in history.” Donald Rumsfeld served as President Bush’s secretary of defense from January 2001 to December 2006. Robert McNamara was Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War.

Update: Cheney calls McCain a “good man.”