Video: Olby attacks '24' as propaganda; Update: CNN asks, is '24' a 'neocon sex fantasy'?

Keith Olbermann attacked FOX’s ’24’ as propaganda and “a program length commercial for one political party.” He then said the nuclear explosion on Monday night’s show was a “fear tactic.” Someone should let Olby know the first season of the show aired in November 2001, two months after 9/11 and 30 days after the beginning of the War on Terror.

Speaking of being “a program length commercial for one political party,” Keith invited Robert Greenwald, the director of Outfoxed, on to discuss FOX’s “propaganda” show. Ha.

Hat tip to Johnny $, who writes:

The next enemy in Monkeymann’s sights was the eeevil tv show, “24”. It must be eeevil, it’s eating into the meager Hour of Spin ratings. He contrasted the reception the show gets to the reaction to Al Gore’s movie. Attention Krazy Keith: Gore’s film is supposed to be a documentary. “24” is fiction. It’s not real. You know, like Sponge Bob. You should say to yourself it’s just a show, you should really just relax.

Olby’s intro talked about using fear to scare people to vote the way they want (yeah, that Kiefer Sutherland is on Karl Rove’s payroll), and KO took special note of the mushroom cloud, citing it as the administration’s “imagery” for the Iraq War.


All right, stop the tivo! Is Keith really this much of a nitwit, or is he dishonestly pretending this is something new?

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Update (AP): You’ll like the guy from Newsweek. Click the image to watch.