Video: Chris Matthews says 'evil lurks' in Bush

Doing what he does best, Chris Matthews took a swipe at President Bush on ‘The Today Show’ this morning. Matthews clearly suggested “evil lurks” around President Bush in deciding what to do with Iran. Watch:

Here’s what Matthews said:

Matthews: The danger is we might cross the border into Iraq [sic], therefore triggering a reaction from, from Iran rather, and then we go to war with Iran. And I think the President might well want to do that. Who knows what evil lurks? But the fact of the matter is that the American public may never get a say in this. The Congress may never get a say in it.”

Newsbusters’ Mark Finkelstein deconstructs the “he was referring to Iran” argument:

I read “evil lurks” as referring to President Bush, Matthews way of saying “who knows what Bush might be up to next?” For those would argue that the “evil” Matthews was referring to is Iran’s, have a good look again at the statement. “Evil lurks” immediately follows Matthews’ speculation that President Bush might want to go to war with Iran. Matthews’ comment immediately following “evil lurks” reinforces this interpretation. He complains that neither the American public nor Congress might ever have a say on Bush’s plans.

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