24: Open Thread, etc. Update: Video: Preview of the next two hours

Tonight’s the big night. The first two-hours a two-night, four-hour premiere of 24 is on the FOX network at 8pm eastern. I won’t be live blogging the show, but I’ll be in the comments section and will update the post several times.

Lorie Byrd at Wizbang also has an open thread going laced with links to other 24 bloggers.

Debbie Schlussel is blogging up a storm on what she calls “PC 24.” Yes it’s true CAIR has stepped in before (Season 4, I believe) when the terrorists were Arab or of Middle Eastern decent.

Check out Thoughts Online after the show for some 24isms.

Update (7:49pm): Drudge: ’24’ has gone nuclear.

Update (7:53pm): Open threads at Stop the ACLU and The Political Pitbull.

Update (8:58pm): Jack Bauer just chewed a terrorsits neck off.

Update (9:53pm): Deep thoughts from Jim Treacher.

A preview to the next two hours: