Video: Barney Frank throws a fit ... on the House floor

The Republican arguing with power-hungry Barney Frank is Patrick McHenry. McHenry rose to offer an amendment that would exempt American Samoa from the stem-cell bill — a clear dig at the fact that Samoa, which is home to StarKist factories that employ nearly 75% of the island’s work force, was conspicuously exempt from the minimum-wage bill that had passed the day before. Why is that important? Because StarKist is a branch of Del Monte Foods Co., which has its headquarters in San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi’s district.

Frank was not amused. This is sure to be four of the most eventful minutes of your weekend:

My favorite part is at the end, when Joe Barton rose to remind Frank of how often he used procedural objections to bloviate against the GOP when he was in the minority.

For the record, Pelosi is now promising to close the Samoa loophole in the minimum-wage bill.


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